Friday, September 15, 2006

What Happens if we Don’t See Each Other

Thomas, what happens if you don’t touch the earth each hour,
do you forget it’s there?

Blinded by touch, will we know who we are, or is it just
that comfort zone we seek—a mantra of acts, like sipping
the broth first and eating the Eucharist noodles last?

And having consumed the body, we search for it in our own acts;
are constantly disappointed that we are not unique outside of what we are.

Signs and symbols surround us. We inhale the phemones of the herd.
We expect and accept no less—lees from the celebrations which created
god, the ipod, a leaf on this vine, the perfect cup of Tim Horton’s coffee
and one person out of two, always trying to pull each other apart.

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1 comment:

keros said...

Nice poem- reads and flows well. My favorite line: “a mantra of acts”. The word mantra is such a powerful word to describe repetition, and then “of acts” takes me directly to the comfort zone of the everyday routine. Love it.
“We inhale the phemones of the herd”- I think the word you want is “pheromones”. That sweet smell of attraction.
I totally missed this: “less—lees” why lees?
Another great line: “one person out of two, always trying to pull each other apart”. Love the feeling of strife.
Last- the poem starts with a reference to Thomas- as a reader, I want the poem to give me closure with Thomas. I want to hear his name at the end. how does he relate to this?

Thanks for letting me comment on your poem, and I hope I offered you something of value.