Sunday, September 24, 2006

Episode 15 of THE COUNTDOWN

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Poems Featured In This Episode

Riley Dog -
"Chemotherapy Omnibus"

Laurel K. Dodge -
"The Bough Has Broken"

David Raphael Israel -
"One Side of the Heart"

Erica W. Adams
42 Opus -

Mark Young -
"so maybe there"

Christine Klocek-Lim -
"Tonight I Walked Into the Sunset"

Alison Stine -
No Tell Motel
"After Meat"

Amy King -
"Causes for Celebration"

Jill Chan -
The Eye

1 comment:

david raphael israel said...

wow! I'm (as they often say, usually rhetorically) speechless. Delighted by whatever serendipity shoehorned my particular pantoum into so well-suited a shoe. Thanks Luc for the attentive reading, and Bob for the astute contextualizings throughout this pleasant-surprise broadcast-from-Beijing.

Zui hao, xie-xie. Milli grazie to the Goodnighters --

sweet dreams,