Friday, September 22, 2006

The Poet's Silly Daydream

They’re not here to watch
black superstars
abuse a basketball,

they’re not here to cheer Mil Mascaras
kick Hulk Hogan’s ass,
they’re not here

to see an old naked Madonna
crucify her wrinkles,
they’re not here

to gasp when Justin
exposes Janet Jackson’s tit.
No, they’re here to see you read

your latest poem on the Jumbotron,
you’re four dimensional now, baby,
there’s fifty-thousand in the arena

and everyone is standing,
panties are landing on the stage---
your poetry’s on the Jumbotron.


keros said...

RC I enjoyed reading this, and also suffer from delusional daydreams of grandeour.

Congrats brother, never stop dreaming.

keros said...

oh yeah. Panties on the stage. Like it.

RC said...

Thanks for both comments,keros.