Monday, September 18, 2006

Christ Under Water

I dreamt of you last night.
It was not our usual dream
exploring taboos in the company
of rose petals and mirrors.
It was a civilized dream.
We greeted each other like old friends
and walked away.

Its been years since I’ve seen you.

Off the coast of Key Largo
there is a sunken Christ
dressed in barnacles and shells
arms raised towards the sun.
I can never tell if the sunrays are coming
from the father above the waters
or out of the son’s hands and up to the heavens.
His decomposing eyes weep in green and salt
and the voice that raises the dead
is slow and choppy like the murmur of the tide.
He stands on grass that moves
to the song of the angel’s trumpet,
and small fish swim
about their drowned idol
like thoughts turning to miracles of different colors.

Its been years since I’ve seen you.

This is how I imagine me
the day I do.

DQ 9/15/06

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