Sunday, September 24, 2006



.....In praise of prison beauty pageants

O let us pause and give thanks
.....unto the warden! How blessed

we are to spend an hour
.....forgiven of sin. Let us praise

the way his nightstick rattles
.....the cell block bars like teeth.

We give thanks unto the infrared beam
.....of light as it swings through

the guard tower window. We give
.....thanks to you O sun. We lift our voices

in praise to the moth who is caught.
.....The black widow who will finally feast.

We praise the constant flutter
.....of fluorescent white lights, the eventual

darkness it holds at bay. We give praise O make-up artist, O lord

of pencil and brush. May you bless
.....our copper skins with your wonder.

O yes! May you bruise our cheeks
.....with your powder and blush.

We praise the mouth that was once
.....rusted shut. We praise the red carpet.

We praise you O judge.

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