Monday, April 03, 2006

Womb-wattle and Daub

In order that she hold too,
he sent out posts upright
between his oughts: oak

Her fill subsoil,
straw on good days
or cow-dung and lime.

He'd weave withes,
willow thoughts that he'd slither
wet meandering through her tough home hessian-here
used to hold ‘til dry.

A wall on which would be nought
but tedious historicity,
perhaps a house-
front facsimile

not sturdy though like lath and plaster
but crack-faults for soft lap
laughter moon

One night some slight unplanned
imprint of dedicated buttercup fossilled star
so hollow it fleshed a beholdened path mirroring
her sighs.

Well tired, so very tired
and all along alone he faltered
but high so unstrong he'd cry, use tears' salts
to lip'a steer by.

She tipped her tongue
and rimmed corona 'round
his stockaded clearing tumbling
to trust

because weak
because ancient
because distant because half-
asleep because ......................stranded

revealed dead kings crazed tombs catacombs
where solitude had brazened them.
Trenches which bore children.
Fears rodomontaded.

Some Thing. Gold.
At which he tore.
And more.

She it was who riddled plains
for fools, forswore the use of knife.
It is a dermisal device. I cannot find it in any book
my love. Help

me. Who clawed his shroud
to heaven threads, spun out a sodden horizon, sinking, fell from dread to ga/ether handfuls of stippled diamond drool stinking,
bled birth emblem, emblazoning leucorrhoeal trail

led and asked why are these trees like webs
in the lamp's light dear?
and this question
he followed

to roots
to slatted-keep. As strangers do
who have only modern moment-moated
clues to cling to.


666poetry-finchnot said...

i have to tell you annmarie
you fascinate me
to no end /

i've read your work for quite
a while now / but have never
been sure what to say / as it
usually catches me off guard

i love this poem
it's very beautiful
it reminds me of a tapestry

so much style ~

i love the


thank you


AnnMarie Eldon said...


thank you

sometimes they come out pretty


luc u! said...

i love the whatever too