Saturday, April 08, 2006

Reflections on Weight and Mass

Its amazing how much
some weightless things weight
and how some heavy things float.
Take for example desire and passion.
The standard weight measure
for desire is the fuckbushel.
Passion is usually measured in fellatons,
or metric fellatons for non-Americans.
My eyelids…
each eyelash is an anvil
while reflecting sighs
of my sweet little orgy
with her exes and ohhs
her prayers to a god called Yes
her sacred words gorged
with pleasure and semen
words that transform night into insomnia
and distill daylight into daydreams
and in between the two
my eyelids finally give way
to the heaviness of hours
(measured in kilominutes)
and at this time
I become aware
That I am floating
and the mass that used to be
my body no longer has
a standard weight.


666poetry-finchnot said...

dq / youre the devil you know

i often wonder what sets you off
to write a poem / / what your process is

any ways / enjoyed this much lee
as you can prolly tell by the comments i left @ your blog ;)


keros said...

I saw- ha ha-

care/ full what you wish// for.