Thursday, April 13, 2006

newly released collaborative title: Doug Barbour/Sheila E. Murphy

Douglas Barbour, Sheila E. Murphy

“The strength of this book is in its quick-change artistry, the sensation of flux that is continuous, and capable at any moment of erupting into epiphany or surprise.” Roo Borson Across great distances and a panorama shaped by words, poets Douglas Barbour and Sheila Murphy began writing in collaboration. Tapped to technology’s dance across paper, with thoughts like bright colours coursing across screens, Continuations emerged as the product of a new creator, a “third individual,” who writes differently from either poet. Words shapeshifted and poets transformed, Continuations is an intriguing addition to the growing field of collaborative poetry in North American literature.

ISBN: 0-88864-463-9
Price: CND$ 19.95, USD$ 19.95, £ 10.99
Discount: Trade
Subject: Literature/Poetry
Publication Date: March 2006

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Jordan said...

fantastic news, sheila!