Sunday, April 02, 2006

tramp jumping with lesbians

tramp jumping with lesbians

(for BJD)

never have snorted uppers
except that one time in highschool
when i became more interested in jumping
on the trampoline
for five hours
with the lesbians
jumping on the three girls
who were very permissively
interested in me.

it was the last big hurrah.
the end of the summer after my senior year.
they were smokin' hot boy crazy eighteen year olds,
who never had to chase a boy further than two feet.
maybe they were on drugs
or maybe there was simply no reason left
for them to hide the fact
that they were interested in me and
unreasonably so at that.

this makes me want to go back in time and thank them.
and also send a thank you to the lesbians
for keeping me safe.
special thanks to the lesbians.

luc u! ~


burning moon said...

lol, cute.

666poetry-finchnot said...

& the lesbians wish to thank you too


you really are nuts aren't you? :)

or maybe they were on drugs

all i can say is / yes /
i certain lee

you are one of those special
people in the world who keeps
things interest ing & light
& funny / / thanx

hope you are well


luc u! said...


did you post that at 3:09 pacific time? are you pacific time or mountain time? i am just not sure.

is blogger normalized on east coast time?


thanks for the props.

my mom used to call me special too. i thought it was important until i found out that usually when folks call folks special they are talking about short bus special, and i'm like, heck, if it gets me there.


keros said...

Any poem about jumping on trampolines with lesbians is worth a loud round of applause.

God bless you, God bless Sappho, and all the lesbians.

May they live forever. Amen