Wednesday, April 26, 2006

with out you / /

be cause of you
i come home
cold / i don't think
i'll ever get warm
again / / /

ah / giant aspirin of angst
you are / another lesson
in cold hands / numb fingers
& a tired heart / /

& every good plan / certain lee
goes a stray / & every good plan
& every good plan

twill twill i say / angst shall be upon me
on cold blue days / when spring final lee arrives

you see / we sit down town /
call me stalk er
ah / easy talk er / / easy to find /
sitting in front of the book store
the sun is warm / here / there /

it's the petty things that count / the put downs
the / your not doing it / fast enough / soon enough
good enough / no / no / it's never enough

& i wish / / to run run run / a way
i thot it was with you / but some days are tell ing
oh i tell you / some days / there are so many things
to talk about / so many things to bring bring a person
down / /

i've decided / to run / a lone


1 comment:

LKD said...

Gosh, the last line stabs me.

You know, Lynze wrote a poem about how your work makes her feel. Have you read it? Her poem captured it perfectly. It's how I feel reading your words.

There's flight here, yes. And song.

I've decided to run alone.

Oh, my. I should have that tattooed on my body.

Good, good, good to read you, Finch.