Saturday, October 07, 2006

October Challenge: What was the Question Again?

What was the Question Again?

The color outside her window
was chartreuse. Pink ponies dangled

from the faucet, none of them hers;
as she soaked in the bath,

she made the tiny horses gallop.
They seemed so happy, she, happier

as she slipped beneath the suds.
The woman was black and white;

the woman was pregnant and nude.
The moth clung to the lantern

as if it had finally found love
or the moon. The cat was the color

of snow and ghosts. Her father was cold
and still. The aviatrix flew and fell,

fell and flew. Outside, the green leaves
are falling and dying, dying and falling

under the harvest moon. How many dead
dads have I got? What’s my favorite month?

The month I was born into the night.
One, I thought. My window is black;

the moth is laid out on its back.
I’ve never loved light. October. Two.

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Pris said...

I like this! Like the way it skips all around with images, keeping me wondering what's coming next!