Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Contribution to the October Challenge

Since I would never ask anyone to do something I can not do myself. I decided to participate in this month's challenge. Here is my "meme" poem.

The Beatles Or Elvis You Ask?

McDonald’s Or Burger King?
I prefer a Whopper.
I like a good piece of meat now and then.
Although without a hot tomato
A Whopper is just another Big Castle
except it is not square daddy oh.
The Beatles or Elvis?
I like the Beatles.
John Lennon to be exact.
You’d think a man like Paul
could find himself a wife with two legs.
Okay bad joke.
The Joker or Mr. Freeze?
Which leads to Batman or Superman?
I like to hang from chandeliers so
make it the bat, man
And if you are
insisting that Superman is better
then give me Clark Kent without the cape
and make sure he knows how to screw
on his glasses so they won’t fall down
when we hang
from a building
in New York or Chicago?
Give me San Francisco
and a good book or a poet
standing outside of City Lights
waiting for his Black Sparrow.

(c) d. menendez 2006.


LKD said...


I get it now.


I swear, I had no clue what you wanted.

NOW, I understand.

My only question is: In a normal meme, if there is such a thing, people "tag" one another. Should we write our poem/memes then tag a few fellow bloggers?

RC said...

"You'd think a man like Paul
could find himself a wife with two legs." You're a very baaad girl and well deserving of a spanking by Clark Kent!As far as the meme, I'm still clueless---but,then, clueless is my middle name.

didi said...

Laurel - don't you think that tagging withing the poem itself would give the poem like a new dimension and make it more personal? I think that could play into the poem itself. Regarding tagging peoople outside of the poem, that is your call but not part of the challenge.

RC - confusion sometimes is the only way to write.