Friday, October 20, 2006



I wear my heart on my heart,
Hand over the veil. Tears
On my pillow, a rendering of wear,
The threadbare cupboards opening;
Opening on a dream of dare.
One shot hits the balloon
Of the self, that popping of pride,
That divide. Between the spokes,
Autumn, and a falling. Leaving
Behind any hope of home, a last
Kiss always the first again and again;
An opening. Take it and you divide,
Grind into the gears of tomorrow.
The future is a guess on the wheel;
Wheel and throat and croaking, a destiny.
Try this and you take apart morning,
Haze, daze, craze: an eyeful
Of breathtaking.
Remember today? When I was
Ever with you now? It's past
The river at the bend of a heart.
Shaped into the woman that I am
Who could ever be more referential?
Tutelage of a crow with a mockingbird's
Choice, ever karaoke to a tender.
Before now when now you leave
A slow dissolve softens. Sounds leave
Through the crystals and the salty gaze.
A mushing of hushed footsteps away
Before a misting begins on the lured lawns,
Before some kind of tomorrow today.

Lorna Dee Cervantes


RC said...

Lorna,there's a lot of destruction in this poem,but I like,I like it.

Jill said...

i like it too. quite good.