Friday, October 13, 2006

Little Bill (adam fieled)

Little Bill peeks over the fence--
dolphins (propulsive!) up in the air,

fins glistening, flicking water onto
Bill's white tee-shirt; he shrinks;

the dolphins are too sleek (flash!),
too charged, a vision from fairy myth.

Bill wakes up weeping, peeks out
his window; "backyard green tree

cemetary dawn"; thinks of crispy
bacon, viscous maple syrup,

the fluttering lift of Mom's apron.
He wants to eat & eat. He wants

eggs to push the dolphins out of
his guts. He wants the calm gaze

of the morning sun on the curtains--
not the dolphins too-crazy gaze.

It was fire & thunder, a nightmare. Little
Bill hopes he never has another dream.

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666poetry-finchnot said...

that is

with out a doubt

a wonder full poem

thanx so much for post ing
this / / it's some thing
i can take a way