Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just yourself thinking about me

Look at your formatting.
Demeter is not appalled by this.
Demeter knows.

                                   I talked to her in the car
                             about her sister. I sat in the car
                                   at the top of the hill

in the police cruiser.       I said       (her daughter)

                                   I said that we were lucky
                             to be thinking about the same thing--
                                   that was rare.

And the moon the same moon.
I asked, whether she had parted ways
with her garden, or not.


I sat in her garden.
I said, I know.

                                   the picture will hold you up
                                   the picture will arrest you
                                   you will not be able to forget
                                   the picture
                                   the picture will argue with you
                                   from the wall


She had no talent for miracles
she said
(just for the mirror)

                               I said       that was a lie

I was a musician
I said


try music.

now Two things:

in the New American Gothic
have a tight grip on the handle

and the woman, she
isn’t smiling.


What do the others know about me?


derek said...

yes / i like how bracketed words can slot into a poem like recurring thought, speech & thought colliding, one trying to keep ahead of the other

RC said...

in the New American Gothic
have a tight grip on the handle

that's my favorite image.

AnnMarie Eldon said...

she said  
               (just for the mirror)
          I've bloody missed your poetry

Lee Herrick said...

I like this very much...love the first line & the last few stanzas.

David said...

Thanks everyone. Appreciate the feedback.

Guess I should get out more often.


666poetry-finchnot said...

love this poem david

the formatting really makes it
work / provides a disjointed ness
to it / /

thanx for the brilliant writing / /
much enjoyed