Saturday, August 05, 2006

Walking Beside Lamp Posts

I climb up
these steps
thinking of where
I fail to follow.

The second I move
out of sight,
you come into view.

Is it like this,
the way love leads to
some place nearer,
some deeper delight
yet hidden from us?

These lights
turn on the beauty
that's already here
that makes us reach to it.


Helen Losse said...

Nice simple images make this poem easy to follow. The languge - "fail to follow" - "some place nearer/ some deeper delight" - "lights/ turn on the beauty" - makes the poem beautiful.

Brian Boutwell said...

Of course I think it's a great poem. ;)

Jill said...

thanks helen and brian. :)

burning moon said...

this is beautiful Jill. It has the lovely reverent pacing you do so well

Jill said...

thanks very much, moon. always glad when you comment.