Wednesday, August 30, 2006


the alluvial haystack at the side of the house
is suburban rot the kid that once careered
round the culdesac now old & boring though
he still holds up the guinness book of the year
& clothes as a parting gift to raaf families & yeah
an icecream bell is something special triggering
sexual atmosphere but no sparechange cleverly
there are small squares of coloured paper shining
glued to my hands so i patch up the fence of lashed
sticks leaning tired & keeping only crabapples
patrolling rusted swingsets thinking its even harder work
to sit still an effort & a milestone & a kid in a cape supposed
to hammer a nail in effectively smiles shes done years of research
she knows the only spot the tooth fairy could have gone like me
shes come back to make her pay up

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