Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sending calendars to the following---

Derek, Gabriel, Pris, and Laurel.

Please send me your address.

I am publishing Laurel's poem in OCHO.

Thanks again for participating in the challenge. If you send your poems to other publications and they are accepted, let me know. I am always happy when I find out I inspired someone's work.



Pris said...

Thanks, d
As you know, I was going to buy that calendar later this year, so to receive it as a gift from you is special.

nate said...

Congrats, to all of the winners!! Great choices, Didi.

LKD said...

Oh my gosh. Wow!

Thanks, Didi.

I'll send you my address right now.


Congrats, everyone!

Gabriel said...

Nifty buttons