Saturday, July 22, 2006

red seas

i know that there's someone somewhere
who feels desparately
from the 1920’s

cast a kitten
when prohibition slowed
with childish delight

don't take any wooden nickels flappers
flicked their giggle zippos
when i set my eyes on you
mystified and mussed up musky

hair of the dog preview track
midnight looked you looked
you looked like a kitty

no one moves
no one talks
tonight baby
and the moon
became blood

"i have to go see a man about a dog"
son of a bitch spoke in o soft knots

iron one’s shoelaces
and soak art guzzle the flame
of giggle water
and joe brooks' best flash fiction
and shine a spotlight
on alien knowledge

say nothing more nookie
do not f**king speak torpedo
all day and all of the night
spinning sex over the music
of the spheres radio radio

o baby
i'm dreaming
of monday

what's eating you?
being accurate
about the small name
you slay me!

fed up
fed ex

zozzled these
these tragic words
these were parted
like red seas


Pris said...

You did a great job with the challenge! Still working on mine.

Pris said...
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