Sunday, July 30, 2006

I will not Write about Love

I will not write about love even if memories and moon
light up the sky at nightfall.
I will not write about love or about
the language and gestures of fools and poets.
The further the years span the brighter your eyes seem.
I will not write about love by the fireplace on winter nights
or by the sunken garden where we once sat,
drank a glass of wine and walked into woods.
I will not write about love or about your face
resting on my chest and your hair on my lips.
I will not write about love, and I renounce kissing and whispers.
You may find me sitting in a coffeehouse writing on napkins
but I will not be writing about love.
We watch commercials and read fashion magazines,
we call the prison system an institution
Such deception.
Today the day was marked by thunder
people ran across the beach to watch a man flutter in the sand
hit by lightning while sleeping
he must have crossed god’s line.
I have crossed it also.
I will not write about love.
I will be alone like a house gutted by fire,
alone like thorns.
I will not repeat myself
and I will not write about love.

DQ 7/30/06


Jill said...


didi said...

Oyeme - me la llevo...para OCHO.

over and out.

mandame tu direcion --

jim volvio --

estoy contenta.

you tampoco voy escribir de amor.


keros said...

Thank You for reading Jill!- I'm glad to post at CafeCafe once again

keros said...


Miami misses you!

Te mando la direccion por email


Pris said...

Just when I think you've disappeared from the world of cyber, here you come again with one of those wonderful romantic poems!

keros said...

Hi Pris- glad to hear from you also!...and thanks for reading- DQ