Monday, July 03, 2006

The Sand Kissed

This is a poem in remembrance of the U.S soldiers who died in Iraq.
The soldier I chose is Sgt. Jose M. Velez

I could write a poem of alien sand
where water is the sweetest touch,
where MacDonald's golden arches
and John Wayne cast no shadow
and the beach of the Western frontier
burns forever without the respite of ocean.

I could write a poem of reporters,
camera bulbs exploding, firing questions,
planting microphones to spout official party lines.

Men in flowing robes beneath headwear
announcing their usurpery of God
weilding official party lines like scriptures,
papal blessing kissed
like a bruise from snake lips,
as righteous as jihad.

But the poem I'm writing is of a mother,
waking from the sound of carrion wings
flapping dark knives across the sun,
to realise it's the fan ticking sweat
from the mattress where she lays listening
for her son's tread on the stair,
remembering her fingers
on the silk bristle of his army-cut hair.


Pris said...

This is breathtaking!! Michelle is going to end up with a collection of really wonderful poems. Yours is beautiful, just beautiful.

burning moon said...

Thanks Pris. So nice of you to say that :-)
I stopped by Michelle's page and read them all. Yours is wonderful too.
I especially loved Jerry Dreesen's contribution as well.

arewestillmarried said...

this is excellent! paraises

burning moon said...

hey Michael, long time no see! Thanks for your good thoughts.


Michael Parker said...

Moon: This is breathtaking!

burning moon said...

Thanks Michael :)

Helen Losse said...

Beautiful and delicately forceful. It demands tears.