Saturday, July 22, 2006

The following is an experiment where I took some headlines from the French newspaper Le Monde and translated them homophonetically. It's still unfinished.


Just a present,
chaste and dead
conflicts demanded
an Orient.. Vestal
partings could not
lie nor rest

on logic proper.
Odes and eons
assisted to an articulation
of conflict.
The emergence
of delirium came
to ground, pushing regions

to a nuclear
Ground and train
readjusted bounds of
reverse guards,
allied to complexes
of frost.

read the Moors,

venting dread.
21 jails let a novel
wave, delousing
risen Caliban.

counterflows objected
to conduct beetles.
Subterranean sound,

utility pores,
transported a disarming
and deriding touch,
in particular, the devil’s.

Leveled, Baal beckoned
bastions, thus a brawl

of dancing lights.
For Troy,
civilians zoned
in quietude and dour

propagating asps
and liars.

Austere laminate,
stationary aeolian,
primed in parlance
of a forced deluder,
the debate

guaranteed flatulence.
the mosque
in hazard.

Candelabras defaced
security untamed,
emanating disorder

and apneatic lariats.
Pushed millers

depressed the sunset,
in resent. Dandy,

the cordial mosque
dense drapes
adlibbing aniseed palaces

with antic scansion.
The lured sternum
had body lace.

Unplug the marooned
& aliased dusting
Seasoned droll
toured the devil,
marooned pluralist,

for lampooning intensity.
Donors incrusted paragon-
fluctuating dances,
and jousting leprechauns.
Minute notions poured
the essential parameters,

knees saving fixed
limited proteins. Avalon
cleared a portal,
paroling pious Pluto
annotating luscious
cocoons for offending
the grand evergreen.

Nether visages poured
the moment.

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luc u! said...


those artisans can really come up with the headlines.