Sunday, February 26, 2006

Still Life: Doe's Pelvis

Still Life: Doe’s Pelvis

I’m the girl who failed
to land the triple axel.
I’m the girl with the silver
medal around her neck.

I’m the girl who painted
the office walls the softest
shade of pink. I’m the girl
who never bought a crib.

I’m the girl who found
the bone in the field.
I’m the girl who displayed
the pelvis as if it were a piece
of art instead of a body part.

I’m the girl who whispered
I love you to a comatose
man. I’m the girl who held
that cold hand. I’m the girl

that could’ve, the girl that should’ve,
but didn’t. I’m the girl who wouldn’t.

I’m the girl who slips.
I’m the girl who keeps falling
on her ass. I’m the girl who wouldn’t

say it out loud. I’m the girl
who didn’t put the bone back.


666poetry-finchnot said...

this is beautiful laurel


luc u! said...


what ms.x said.


i have this poem that i have been toiling over for five days now. it reminds me of a bunch of poems that are here and there lately.

i am ok with that.

part of the ending of that poem, currently, is:


"woulda coulda shoulda"

is an ending line that

i will not use in this case


this poem of mine


"fear and trembling #2"

is, a very close relative of your poem laurel.

i am encouraged by that.

hopefully i will get it figured out soon so i can share it with you.


Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

I love Laurel's poetry. Thanks for the fix.