Monday, February 06, 2006

Hola Poets! I Just Wanted to Say . . .

. . . What fine and interesting poems have been posted here in the past couple of months -- too many to keep up with in the comments, although some, I just can't help myself. I find it all very inspiring. Thank you, Didi, for making this happen, and for inviting me over to play. The challenges are always, well, challenging, and, for some, I just think: NO WAY! And y'all always come up with something good and interesting -- *INTERESTING* being the least we poets can do. Que no? Gracias a todos.
Now, still confounded by gettin' a poem between Reb and Mae West. I confess, I want to end it on the cheesy steal:

Is that a poem
in your pocket
or do you just
want to read me?

~ 1/28

Poetry ON,

Lorna Dee

1 comment:

Michelle e o said...

Love that ending Lorna, can't wait to see the rest.