Friday, February 17, 2006

In Passing

Her conversation cools the wall. We're listening to the small future approach, when moments subtract themselves. We learn forgetting disappearance of the bridge moments compose. Her eyes wear long fatigue. Her breathing shifts. Brown ring around the mountain that she used to climb. Tonight three roses in a bowl reveal pastel shades muted behind glass. She tells about her son, now strong enough to lift the dream. Can words convey his height, his strength, his muscles flexible in power? Maternity is only readiness. A child not previously carried can be taught the purity of infancy. That age possessing peaceful sleep before awareness starts to hurt.

Semantics, edges to be smoothed, a blend, and leaves down from trees


Jordan said...

So well thought-out and stated, Sheila.

Michael Parker said...

There are some very nice lines in this. A good write.