Monday, February 20, 2006

In the Gentle Zone

In the gentle zone of the unspoken
he intones the praises of sweet skin of hers
he will not touch but he will dream her
fondly fully and in perpetuity
and as a gentleman he will endorse
the sparse showing of her heartplace
just as close as the inherent full affection
of a close proximity fated not to fuse
her freshness with his love of her.

His love of her is never strained
she emanates from his feelings
still a formal shelter with capacity
to be replayed as though a broad-leaved summer
would caress the atmosphere above the places
they would breathe the center of his feeling.

The center of his feeling equals
the upbringing that maintains his posture
as the perfectly intended presence
caring from afar that she might be escorted
to the lacy places he would take her
and be proud and riddled with caresses
sensed rather than rendered upon
her quiet thinness before which
he would brush away soft earth
that she might walk there.

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