Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SEX with my wife on august 8th

sex with my wife on august 8th

felt very nice & has become as much of a baby as is possible in the months since.


Please Read:

~You, Time & Silly Dad - As of November.~

it is the first poeHymn i have completed related to this subject matter.


feel free to give some props to the impregnated nic-o-la...

congrats baby! i love you and you are beautiful!! also, dear one, my hope and faith is that this pregnancy will be healthy, safe and pleasantly uneventful for the three of us. ......... also, when i knocked you up... eyes were shaking all rolled back halfway to my brain. it was awesome!!! smoochie XOX


baby due out end of april 2007 -

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