Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beginnings of Lightness

Their bodies, luminous eggs,
glob along beaches,
golden ovals on black shoals of shingle.

They bounce against the edges of cities,
quiver and wobble beneath the velvet cloth
upon which the moon glimmers a rib-bone.

Endlessly pining, they seek
to engage one another, never realising
the birth they long for is their own.
Slick, thick, oily membrane envelops them
repelling friend and foe alike.
They remain trapped in their aloneness,

cast about themselves for points of view,
for the blade of truth that sets them free.

Alas they bobble,
little bobbleheads -
one by one
down the streets of the enfolding years -
blind, deaf, dumb,
reproducing in brief mitosis,
storing data in streams of binary codes
to explain why they are alone.

A collection of knowledge, opinions
from this one and that,
in attempts at longevity,
the hope that accumulated chicken scratches
might someday illuminate -

never realising the perfect completeness
of their viscous egglike forms,
missing the white light that flares within.


keros said...

Moon, is this the link on what's come to be known as the "chain poem"...or the one below?

I read both. I like both.

burning moon said...

it slipped into both of them a little. This one is also influenced by Carlos Castenadas books on the teachings of Don Juan and the sorcerer's way or warrior way (I forget which it was now). He talks about seeing people as luminous spheres. I thought it was very interesting. All about altering your perception.