Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Second Part to the December Poetry Challenge

Everyone may participate in this part even though the majority of the bloggers here did not want to show us theirs. We are going to write an AUBADE for the second part of this challenge. Please pick one of the muses below and you as the observer, write an AUBADE between the muse and the mused. Stop by the WIKIPEDIA page to find out what an AUBADE is.

Deadline is December 5th.

The winner will receive this set of greeting cards -- ho ho ho.


Pris said...


keros said...

Didi- do you want us to post a comment as to who we pick?

LKD said...

Is it okay to write an aubade about a muse poem that was deleted? I'd already begun an aubade partially in my head and on paper last night only to find that muse had up and flown the coop today.

Let me know. If the answer's no, I think she might be willing to repost her muse.

luc u! said...
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Ivy said...

Cheeky, those cards! :-)

LKD said...

Two questions:

Do we post our aubade here in this thread as well as creating a separate blog post?

And, do we name the muse to whom we wrote the aubade? (I did...)

Helluva great challenge, Didi. I might write an aubade for my own muse as well.

didi said...

You should post the poem in its own thread as you finally did and not here - and yes I would like to know which muse the poem is dedicated to - unless it is evident but most things are not evident until I have had about 4 cups of cafe.