Wednesday, June 07, 2006

You Call Yourself a Poet?

You Call Yourself a Poet?

well no I never have/I call myself
a blister leaking words/the keeper
of the kettle/stirring/the telekinetic monk of mood
drooling laughter and pain down my sleeve
which mysteriously becomes/a road pooled
on the fine knife cut between your smile
and the croissant you consume with coffee/urban
legends/a nickel of news/ten unwashed shirts/
twenty bills/a psychotic cat/the sound of robins
flirting with the sky/but poet/no not that life/
not that ripple across vocabulary


James said...

The tone and compression is great in this piece.

didi said...

Helm - I am taking this one for mipo~print unless you have something better for it.

let me know.


H. W. Alexy said...

James, thanks, you were a good muse.

Didi, we've communicated via email. Thank you.