Sunday, June 18, 2006

trying doors

during my late flight
last night
or even when I was
on the ground
and headed home
someone ransacked
our unlocked car

bags of snacks
sticky change and even
a GPS wouldn't do
for a thief
who took a toddler
backpack mistaken
for a purse

left it on the lawn
open with crowds
of ants scaling
a nap blanket and
a book about a friendly

not just violated
I felt my life's contents
by a society that leaves
personal artifacts behind
on the way
to the next driveway


666poetry-finchnot said...

oh jb / i know the feeling

i don't even lock my car /
i almost wish thieves would
come steal all the garbage out of
it / 6 kids can do that to a vehicle

bags of snacks
sticky change

oh / don't i just know it

thanx for posting this totally relatable poem / i know of which
you speak of


J.B. Rowell said...

Thanks Jenn - yes - please take the Elmo book - PLEASE! :)


Michael Parker said...

Hi j.b., I like this very much. Sorry it happened, though.

J.B. Rowell said...

Thanks Michael - nothing was taken so I really have nothing to complain about - it was just odd. You'd think the GPS would have been gone . . .