Friday, June 09, 2006

have had shoulder surgery so I have been 5 weeks with the use of only one left arm, very little work done but I am just getting 'back'

springwatch/talking up the non-grasps

there has been a sublunary consilience/ricochet of conversations between irreconcilables/somewhere unseen, hidden by roof by gender by completion/pregnant pipistrelles a'roost/to become succour home/something more than nuisance/will fulfill their cycle/ but against/this /the gap
hands/echolocation constant/the prayers unproven, needed/fingers mere digits/separate was edifying but since/the season sanctions/unusable aparts/little crawl spots shall
blossom into/dithering flesh froth/yet shoulders back hips all
and the two hands keep loins unpalpable/silent-forced and head/ and/creeping/and again to lamest pondering, psychosing/at a bodypitch/above natural hearing/above bearable: awaits/the haunt-touch scapes/back to night hunger knees side by side (sup)planted/grace skewed/


666poetry-finchnot said...

welcome back annmarie

hope your shoulder is heal ing

your poems / make me want to
write poems

i might have to borrow a line from
this piece to kick start me

of course i love the slash es


thanx / always a provocative read


AnnMarie Eldon said...

shoulder healing

I am proud you want to borrow - please do - so much fighting against this on the internet sometimes - but it's 'out there' so is available as inspiration