Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thanks to Amy & AnnMarie / Siren contributors

Genuinely huuuge gratitude to both Amy and AnnMarie for contributing work for the first issue of Siren, a new literary and art journal I'm editing along with Ryan Laks. Their talent will be gracing our issue that will be up on July 1.

After that issue is nice and complete, I'll keep my eyes open, from the many poems I see here that I like, for anything that I think would find a nice home on our pages -- if I do I'll e-mail you and ever-so-humbly ask you if you want to contribute to the second issue due out on October 1. But I might miss a whole lot of gems, who knows, so if you care to, we'd love to receive submissions from cafe' cafe' poets.

'Hope you'll all check out our first issue.

And, again, thank you so much to Amy and AnnMarie.


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david raphael israel said...

Anticipatory congrats Sara -- while I fill my ears with sweet wax, I look forward to seeing what floats by, siren-wise. A good name!