Tuesday, October 25, 2005

re Lyle's post

I'm very interested in the poetics/post avant/Chaucer discussion. So that I don't hog the entire blog here I wrote several pieces in Chaucerian style based on the Presidential debates leading up to this last Bush fiasco. See Chaucer's Ballot Box Tales etc...

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AnnMarie Eldon said...

Lyle, I can't find where you put your comment on the Chaucerian poems on my blog... I was raised on Chaucer at about age 12ish. For those fortunate enough to have had that they too will know about the structure within Chaucer. Others may at minimum know how he took the basic blood and guts of life and made poetry which today sounds so modern.
With my pieces I went in reverse-ish. Realising that there was perhaps only one way to 'grab' the roohaha around the Bush administration - I took the actual transcripts from the ballot box trials AND the transcripts of the televised pre-election debates as my raw material and then painstakingly edited them down down down and then put them through a text generator to ensure NO internal structure that could be readily analysed.
The result I hope was something modern ending up sounding something Middle English but with enough identifiable 'tags' to establish them as pieces about war/Vietnam/troops/budgets bla bla bla.
This media stuff is after all More Tales We Tell Ourselves.
Will duplicate these comments up above on my post and then try and find your comments again.