Saturday, October 08, 2005

a lot of work but well worth it

As you may or not know, we are building an audio library and within that audio library we are setting up individual feeds for each artist. In other words, besides miPOradio, the individual contributors will also have a feed so that our audience may subscribe to thier individual poetry if they like as well as the show. Isn't that like the most exciting news you have heard today?

Here is a link to the listing of contributors. Many of them have their feeds already and you can start subscribing to your favorites. Please share this news and if you happen to be on the list share your page on your blog/web sites.

If I am missing your bio and photo, please send it along.

Whenever you wish to update your page with audio, please follow our guidelines.

Help spread the sounds......

Thank you
Didi Menendez
Birdie Jaworski

1 comment:

AnnMarie Eldon said...

This is SO fabulous
Thank you for all the work you've done on this
I notice that the Mipo audios come up tops on Google search too!!