Friday, October 21, 2005

Easy Way to Listen to MiPo Radio or other Podcasts

I recall someone posting a while back that he/she couldn't get the broadcasts without downloading and , with dialup, the download time was immense. I have broadband, so could download with no problem, but if I cleared the play list in my Music Match Music Box (my player of choice) I couldn't find the shows to play them again.

Solved it all this way. First of all, I downloaded OdeoSyncr from The Odeo Site. (The link is at the very bottom of the page). By the way, I always create a system restore point before installing a new program since I never know if it'll conflict with something already on my machine.

Once that's installed, if you go to the Odeo link Didi or Birdie post, you can hit the forward arrow under the picture for the show and it'll simply play for you. No download. No wait.

If you hit 'subscribe' the music then goes onto your computer to stay there to be played later. That was my next hurdle. It wasn't in temp files. It didn't suddenly start playing in my music box. Couldn't find it. Finally did a computer search and found the programs in My Documents//Received Podcasts/Odeo. By going there and clicking, they then come up in my preferred music box. I have them on my hard drive and they aren't wiped out when I clear out temp files. For shows I esp like, this allows me to save them.

See if this works for you.

D, feel free to edit this or delete it if any information is incorrect.



AnnMarie Eldon said...

it was me or it might have also have been someone else - I did download the odeo thingy but I'm stone age when it comes to working with audio so the only way I can do this is to print off your directions and try and follow them like a three year old making cake

Pris said...

It took me a lot of trial and error to figure this out. Hope this cake turns out for you!