Wednesday, December 06, 2006

symptom as a silence

there were two events to mark inertia's end the first a spiraldic spit bead ungluing itself from a spider-leg's-breadth chest hair although what the moisture was doing there or how it came to be no one cared to question the second a holy replication of this the first and this the second which no one commented upon because the bead grew from pearl to circle-like and dropped we knew not where

and there were other observances that went, well not with the history but with the slowed slough of skin by teeth more used to ripping meat it was the eating of it she longed to do and pursed her cheeks to stop saliva from drooling out out of her her mouth and looking like an old person old and were young in our grabbing of each other and the gasps filled up the otherwise silence he the

crawling seeps went everywhere there were no stalwart strengths to share, only ineptitudes at this point their fingerprints left whorls upon stains so the stains were by then dried they had been lax in their cleaning and we were there when they were reminded rules and each dust a rule and each speck and each careening into the microbe heart of it all

lush pansies and red satin and rooshed fancies no words for above all a daring above that a canopy of sorts above that the hope of bleeding until empty this would become part of their history the shared part but of that later and only later would dare think it seepage too the order for this something so unmechanical it raised hope to otherness

and was not discussed as the first two were the almost absence sentimentality shorted to a dull pull the throb the glassy drop as sweat would if effortful as if after all a carnivorous desire more to sink the teeth the chalkiness into more bruise to get at true the soft lightness of flesh more to screw need into to

steer by stairs as all goodness goes up as if prayers so nails bartered their seconds away and then that first thin thin warning of it at the sides of the mouth all a belonging some a throated gesture some a barely half-disguised swallow one step backwards then the hungry float a pit for a stomach

as if sepsid caved the deep ganglia the deep the craving part sensuous part animal fled from sense to mystery to fetid to mere human choice where no maker rules where all dared unholy replication no one cared how over soon how this will be (gesso-flat) over

soon barely breathe and sick and I must stop the whole room from spinning hold a small corner of it tack the ceiling down tie the corners by ribbon-shreds tally how many too numerous to strand make some tiny plithy ropes from this sallow the cheek once flare now so hollow lamina filaments to conduct the whisper-spirits

hush he will say rest now so the ruached arch tendencies are laid gentle as dying gentle as folding stars displaying far reached membrances lady-lace strokes to calm the beating throbbing all nothing left and then there was a finality as if the parting had to be a bog-fevered why or

or why or how it came to be we knew not in our grabbing of the lesser time so the stains remained an absence of sentimentality so sunken the cheeks could not glean of it sunken and hollow as only dying can to bruise to mitigate the repetition by tied corners to settle the world sweated beaded mouthed not nor dared to question

but easy easy

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