Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Aubade for Pris & Baylus

Baylus turns and says
look! Sky is separating
from land, you can see
the line of the mountains.

Pris says, have some tea,
have a cookie, comfort
Teddy. That line is still
hazy and dim, don't go.

Baylus drinks the air.
Baylus rocks a bear.
Baylus pulls his boy-
sword, and vows

to stay the grownups.
Pris makes a nest
of blankets, pillows
and plush elephants.

Baylus says, it's time
now, it's time for you
to fly. I fade now. I

1 comment:

didi said...

this is melancholy and sad and just delicious at the same time....I like very much.