Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shaft Apprehended [Theme from "Shaft"Isaac Hayes]

Who's the black private dick not a friend, that sex machine
to all the chicks?
Lucky them. Shaft, that's him, damn right

No way.

Who's that man, not growed -up , might risk
his neck for his brother man
or not..

Sounds good, that's Shaft
dig ?


That cat won't cop out or wake-up with danger all about ' cause
he's in for himself
surprise, he's gone.

That Shafty.

this cat Shaft's a bad mother-- that poor guy,
but.. we just shut our mouth, shut up and
Figure it out.

Because we're talkin' about Shaft, dig.
Sure thing.

And he's complicated, like shaft types are
So no one understands him but his woman
no one else can, good thing too

Why is not that lonely sweet.

So is that John Shaft there, and don't

He can't see you, or hear us . Sure now?

Right on.

jds/ May 2006

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