Thursday, May 18, 2006

Masks (CTG)

Which mask shall I wear today?

Will it be my kindly mask, the goofy, "Aw shucks" mask?
Or will I wear my evil mask, my chainsaw-roadkill mask?

I'm feeling sick today, think I'll wear my Mister Yuck mask,
tongue lolling out, oh hell, oh Lord, poor me.

Or maybe I'll wear my awestruck, singing mask, la la la,
let me just sing in praise of masks, please.

The candle is burning down and you wonder which is me,
which is really me, which mask is me.

Should I tell you? No,
I'm the thespian, I'll let you guess. . .

It's more fun if you don't see the real me. . .

Do I love you? (As I put on my lover's mask.)
Yes! You know I do as angel wings flutter by!

Sweet butterfly, let me taste your honey, Honey,
oh honeydew, you know I do, I do, I do!

Ah, but don't ask
what mask I am wearing now.

Christopher T. George

Inspired by "Personality: This Little Light of Mine" by artist Don Michael Swartzentruber. To see the link, hit the link through the title.


RC said...

I like this poem and the idea of masks. Sounds like a series of poems,maybe?

Christopher T. George said...

Could be, rc. Thanks!