Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Blind in Parade

Demodokus wandered
into the survey group
far from his native time
and place. He sat
in an empty seat and
listened as the moderator
asked questions of each
about shaving creams
and aftershaves. When
his turn came, he sang
through tired air
a lively tune about
Briseis along the shore
with hair glimmering
and war raging
just miles away.

They did not pay him
or ask him to return.


AnnMarie Eldon said...

Demodokus was blind so I like he wandered - I can see him stumbling upon this think tank quite by accident. Strange image I have. He should have a stack of ready printed invoices with him so he can be assured of a fee. Succint poem.

didi said...

Bill - I think you have a typo - in saving cream instead of shaving cream. I dig this poem man.


bill said...


thanks for pointing out the typo.