Thursday, November 03, 2005


lean cloudy above
two to
the hands four
fingers foot
lopped is "hey,
back above,"
you (using this
(you)) the
mount above great
coil foot
arm (1) edges
paper toilet
(broken made) in
liliaceous "broke"
the sepulture
(however the definition,
for tent)
'dency that defines
involving "this
way never known,
not," language
clearer more opened
(sees) sliding
the needle (s)
"a short,
walks," syringes clamped
above (for
you) apprehension asked
for "alright" no
blue one
sermon (mayor's) left
us gamble
cuts desperation skirt
lies will't
skin fed "oh
look, dispair"
walked one stage
walked one

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